2014-11 Multotec Process Equipment Cyclones Division

Multotec Process Equipment Cyclones Division recently supplied a D6-60/6 cyclone cluster to SNC Lavalin for the Luna Gold Aurizona Mine Expansion Project in Brazil.
The client required the underflow from the cluster to be split, 2/3 of the flow to the Ball Mill and 1/3 of the flow to the Gravity Circuit.  This was achieved by installing a pneumatically actuated dart valve on each of the underflow outlets.  The dart valves used were TriDart Control Valves supplied by eDART.  The valves were fitted with position controllers to allowing the client to accurately control the flow through each outlet, thus achieving the required split in the flow.
The eDART team assisted greatly in selecting a suitable valve and their professional approach makes them a pleasure to deal with.

eDART reference letter

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