2018-07 – Engineering News

The Benefit Of Head Guided Plugs On Slurry Valves

Good guiding of the plug head with three or more guide bars offers better benefits to valve performance than otherwise offered by the conventional method of fitting guides around the shaft. more…

2018-07 – Instrumentation and Control

Slurry control valves for level control

Froth level control is extremely important on flotation machines as it directly relates to efficiency of the plant. If the froth level is too deep then the grade of the concentrate will increase and at the same time recovery drops off. When the froth level is too shallow the recovery will improve but a lot more concentrate will be produced at a lower grade. The aim is to produce concentrate at the optimum grade, which will result in the highest efficiency of the plant. more…

2018-03 – MechChem Africa

Afrivalve [sales division of eDART] achieves Level 2 B-BBEE

eDART has enhanced the participation of two of its senior managers in the  company by brining them in as 51% partners. more…

2018-02 – Instrumentation and Control

Afrivalve achieves level 2 BEE compliance

[Afrivalve, the South African Sales Divsion of] eDART Slurry Valves, has announced that it has increased its BEE compliance to level 2.  more…

2018-01 – Instrumentation and Control

Replace the sleeve on a pinch valve in 80 minutes

With the patented Red Roc Hi-Lift feature, the valve remains in the line and the sleeve can be replaced in a much shorter time with only two fitters.  more…

2017-11 – Instrumentation and Control

eDART valves and process samplers enhance efficiency at Booysendal plant

Booysendal has commented that [eDART] valves offer the best level control ever experienced on the plant.  [eDART does] not just sell [their] product and walk away. [They] offer a considered assessment of valve requirements to [their] customers, and throughout the first year of operation, after [the] original installation at Booysendal, [eDART] assisted in the optimisation and fine tuning of the plant to ensure that the best possible performance was obtained from [the] valves.  more…

2017-10 – Engineering News

eDART Dart Valves And Process Control Samplers Enhance Plant Efficiency At Booysendal Plant

‘Brian Whitehead, Plant Superintendent: Technical at Booysendal … [said] “Through the proper sizing of valves, we have been able to increase our feed rate to the plant without any major control issues on the valves”’.  more…

2017-04 – SA Instrumentation & Control

Flotation level measurement techniques explained

The requirement for good level control of flotation machines is well established and documented. In this article we will focus on the more common level measurement options available for the flotation plant today, including the pros and cons associated with each one.

All level control loops consist of essentially three main components: the level measurement sensor, the level controller and the level control valve. In order to achieve good level control each of the components need to work well.  more…

2017-09-22 – SA Instrumentation & Control

Afrivalve expands C-Tech knife-gate range

Afrivalve, the sales division of specialist valve manufacturer Johannesburg-based eDART Slurry Valves, recently delivered DN800 C-Tech valves to a customer in Africa for use on a mineral processing plant.

Due to the recent expansion in factory facilities, Afrivalve now manufactures up to DN800 as a standard with larger sizes upon request. more…

2016-10 – SA Instrumentation and Control

The changing face of valve manufacturing in South Africa

“The future is uncertain and there is no room for complacency in the market place,” Sessions concludes. “The companies that succeed will be those that are able to adapt to the new conditions. The ability to adapt, adjust and innovate is at the core of the eDART ethos.”  more…

2014-11 Multotec Process Equipment Cyclones Division

Multotec Process Equipment Cyclones Division recently supplied a D6-60/6 cyclone cluster to SNC Lavalin for the Luna Gold Aurizona Mine Expansion Project in Brazil.
The client required the underflow from the cluster to be split, 2/3 of the flow to the Ball Mill and 1/3 of the flow to the Gravity Circuit.  This was achieved by installing a pneumatically actuated dart valve on each of the underflow outlets.  The dart valves used were TriDart Control Valves supplied by eDART.  The valves were fitted with position controllers to allowing the client to accurately control the flow through each outlet, thus achieving the required split in the flow.
The eDART team assisted greatly in selecting a suitable valve and their professional approach makes them a pleasure to deal with.

eDART reference letter

2016-09 – SA Instrumentation and Control

Good level control on flotation concentrators

“The link between level control and profitability on a flotation concentrator is often under-estimated or even overlooked, and yet accurate control measurement is the key to increased lifespan for plant and plant equipment, thereby increasing its operational profitability”.   more…

2016-07-29 – Engineering News

Good Level Control On Flotation Concentrators Is Highly Profitable Says Slurry Solution Specialist
‘If the level measurement is above the setpoint, the grade produced will drop as the volume of concentrate increases, but the recovery will increase, and conversely when the level is below setpoint the recovery will drop off and grade will increase. “It is clear to see that maintaining a stable level at setpoint is vital to achieving an optimal performance of the flotation concentrator – if this does not occur then profitability is reduced dramatically.”‘   more…