Wet Process Control Primary Samplers

eDART process control sampling includes the primary sampler, which may be placed either in a pressurised or unpressurised line.  The sample may then be directed to an On-Stream Analyser or a suitable poppet sampler variation for secondary sampling so a fixed volume may be taken to the lab.  The highly reliable results of the eDART sampler systems yields high confidence that process control people can rely on.

Product Variations

The pressurised horizontal primary sampler retrieves flow from the central region of the main line to be sampled
Both of these styles retrieve a sample from the centre of the pressurised line. The first style has a "continuous sampling nozzle" which extracts a sample stream. After secondary sampling of the stream, the balance of flow must be returned to the sump. The second style recirculates the flow within the primary sampler in such a manner that the secondary sampler can sample the stream effectively.
This device fully mixes the flow for representative sampling in vertically down lines.
Non pressurised lines have their flow cut across the height of the stream. The primary sampler may be reduced by bypassing the cutter with portals which pass straight through. These have been developed to minimise turbulence in the vicinity of the cutter.