Slurry control instrumentation

Slurry control depends not only on a first class valve product but also on the other elements of the control loop. eDART has partnered with Siemens to offer the best positioner and has developed a dual valve controller that intelligently splits a single signal from the control room to a dual valve arrangement to achieve the best flow and control.

Product Variations

DVC - The eDART Dual Valve Controller (DVC) is used to control two valves which act in parallel with a single 4 – 20 mA signal from the control room. Typically, this would be two parallel internal dart valves or the external Dual eDart but this device has been used in as diverse applications as two desuperheaters in parallel (a desuperheater is used to control the amount of cooling water to bring saturated steam down to with a few degrees of saturated temperature).
Power Genex Positioners have been carefully chosen to give the best performance and designed to specific specifications important in the operation of a slurry valve.
The eFAULT is a simple monitoring device that supplies an early warning of failure. The Red Roc pinch valve eSLEEVE has a fine copper mesh wound between the layers of rubber during manufacture. As the inside of the rubber sleeve erodes over time, it exposes the mesh which alerts the device. The sleeve may then be changed at the next scheduled maintenance opportunity without causing an emergency plant shut.
eDART recommends the Siemens Positioner in most slurry valve applications; it is a very high quality product appreciated by all when a high degree of control is required. See:Siemens PS2 Advert