Inline Dart Valve

Not all valves are located within or attached to a vessel. There are instances when the valve is required in a pipeline, and where often a pinch valve will suffice, there are times when the advantage offered by a dart valve is needed. These inline dart valves have been specifically developed to satisfy this need. The yDart, and its variations, have the same polyurethane plug and seat as its standard i-, tri-, single-, and dual-Dart configurations offering the same high level of slurry flow control

General Information


  • Flotation Machine level control.
  • Inline slurry control valve.

Product Variations

The shaft - and the plug, seat, bonnet and actuator - of the yDart is inclined at 45° to the longitudinal axis of the pipeline so that the plug and seat arrangement may be accommodated within the body with the smallest face-to-face distance.
The poly-yDart has been developed for particularly severe applications where polyurethane lined body is preferable to a rubberlined one. For sizes up to 200 the guidebars are integral to the body, thereafter we employ the familiar removable seat cage assembly This configuration may be offered in very small sizes starting at 25 mm which has been used on pilot plants successfully.
As the name implies, this variation on the yDart is specifically designed for the aggressive nature of the flash float market. The bonnet is only tilted 15° from normal to the pipelines longitudinal axis and the body fish-jaws open at the inlet to ensure good flow patterns, as predicted by CFD, through the valve. This geometry allows for a secondary port to allow for the unrestricted flow of the heavy and large particles straight through the valve, under the seat.