C-Tech Knife Gate Valves

Rugged 1 piece body knife gate valve

C-Tech knife gate valves are designed for tough applications. The one-piece body ensures that the valve is not
influenced by external forces and pipe misalignments, and by not having a centre seal on the body a potential leak
point is eliminated.
An extra thick gate extends the valve’s life and is less vulnerable to fluid hammer. The gate is precision ground so a
good gland seal is obtained and the gate doesn’t need to be manually scrubbed after the valve has been operated.
The robust pedestal is large enough that the maintenance crew have adequate access to tightening the gland. The
pedestal is also sufficiently strong to maintain alignment between the actuator and the gate when the valve is
installed at an awkward angle.
Guards can be added to protect the moving parts from debris and to protect personnel from injury.